For more information contact:
Megan Geiger
President and Founder, WCA

Sarah Chamberlin
Secretary, WCA

WARRENSBURG, MO (Nov.11, 2019) – Warrensburg Cat Advocates (WCA) will hold a drive for winter shelter supplies in the parking lot of Retrograde Arcade and Toy Museum on November 16, 2019, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Supplies being collected include:
● Duct tape
● Foam board or reflectix insulation
● Hot knives
● New and used coolers
● Plastic storage totes with lids
● Straw
● Styrofoam coolers

WCA will be demonstrating how to build a shelter at the event. The shelters will be built and used for community cats across Warrensburg at no cost. Shelters will be distributed in late November.

Anyone in need of a winter shelter is encouraged to visit WCA on November 16 at the event. Those who may like to donate and cannot drop-off on the day of the event may reach out to WCA and make arrangements for a pickup.


Warrensburg Cat Advocates | P.O. 119, Warrensburg, Mo. 64093

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