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WARRENSBURG, MO (OCT. 2, 2022) –  Warrensburg Cat Advocates (WCA) attended the annual Midwest Sheltering Conference Sept. 23-25 as a member of the Missouri Coalition of Animal Organizations. We could not have attended without our WCA supporters and fellow cat advocates. 180 people from 17 states, including IA, IL, KS, MO, and NE, attended the conference. 79 organizations were represented, including municipal animal controls, foster based rescues, nonprofit animal shelters, spay-neuter clinics, and more!

Presentations were given by Best Friends Animal Society and many other well-known animal rescues throughout the U.S. Highlights from the conference included topics like compassionate language to support people and pets, removing barriers to adoption, medical care for cats, leveraging intake for disease prevention and more from leading vets like Dr. Heather Kennedy for KCPP and Dr. Amy Burling from MU Shelter Medicine program and more. One of the most outstanding sessions for WCA was a presentation by BFAS lawyer, Richard Angelo who gave a presentation on Legal and Policy Frameworks for Community Cat Programs. Angelo included a recent resolution by the American Bar Association in his presentation:

AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION TORT TRIAL AND INSURANCE PRACTICE SECTION REPORT TO THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES RESOLUTION 1 RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges state, local, territorial, and tribal 2 legislative bodies and governmental agencies to interpret existing laws and policies, and adopt 3 laws and policies, to allow the implementation and administration of trap-neuter-vaccinate-return 4 programs for community cats within their jurisdictions so as to promote their effective, efficient, 5 and humane management. (

WCA appreciates the ongoing efforts like these that progress Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs which align with our own mission for the Johnson County community. WCA looks forward to attending again in 2023.

In 2022, WCA has helped nearly 600 community cats. Community cats or cat colonies are homeless cats sometimes referred to as feral cats, stray cats or outdoor living cats. As we approach the winter months, it is critical we join together to make winter shelters for community cats. WCA and Northside Feed have teamed together for this year’s WInter Cat Shelter Build. The build will be held at Northside Feed on North 13 Highway, Nov. 5, 2022, 10 am – 2 pm. Not only do these shelters provide a safe warm home in the winter months but it allows for monitoring of local community cat colonies and protection from predators while keeping the cats healthier. This will be our fourth year building and providing free cat shelters to our Johnson County Community, no participation necessary

We are looking for a local organization or more to build with us or on their own. Should you be in need of a winter cat shelter, or like to volunteer for this or other important tasks, please contact us via messaging at, or Tammy Roberts, vice president at 660-238-2068.


Warrensburg Cat Advocates (WCA) was established in late 2018 by a group of committed Warrensburg, Missouri community members who choose to look at our homeless cat community and come up with humane solutions for our town.

We believe that Trap Neuter Return offers Warrensburg and its homeless cats a better solution that in the long term will have a profound effect.

TNR is proven to: 

  • better the lives homeless cats
  • better their relationships with the people who live near them
  • decrease the size of colonies and population over time

WCA aims to work with the community-at-large through providing education and leading-by-example on how TNR offers the best outcomes for our community.



WARRENSBURG, MO (MARCH 21, 2022) – In 2021, Warrensburg Cat Advocates (WCA) was able to successfully assist 522 cats and we are already on track to break records in 2022, this year’s goal is 500 cats. In January and February, WCA assisted with 83 cats. 66 were trapped, neutered and returned. Four were treated for illnesses, and 12 were networked into rescue. In March, WCA TNR’d more than 80 cats with 32 of those cats receiving their vetting this week.

Tomcat TNR’d at a recent farm colony in Johnson County, Mo.

Many thanks to the all-volunteer WCA-TNR team:   

Tammy Roberts (Chair)
Susan Langston (Coordinator)
Tiffany Singleton
Kate Sisney
Ashley Romero
Josh Brown
Kelly Reside
Olly Ozias
Shelley Amos

WCA recently appointed Sarah Chamberlin as its new president. Chamberlin previously served as board secretary. Tammy Roberts will stay on the WCA board serving as vice president. Kelly Reside has been named the WCA board secretary and Sarah Bailey, board treasurer has provided her resignation to WCA; she will remain in the seat until a replacement has been named. Bailey has been a valuable asset and her service has been impeccable. WCA thanks Susan Langston for serving as Interim President for the last several months; she continues her service as the organization’s Trap-Neuter-Return coordinator. All board positions filled begin serving immediately. Any open board positions will be posted soon both on our website and Facebook.

Thank you to donors who made it possible to provide more than $22,000 in TNR vet care for our community’s cats and to Axion for allowing us to utilize their space for events over the last couple of years. Thanks to Kayla Frank and staff at Old Drum Animal Shelter for hosting a food drive to assist in feeding the cats we are servicing. A very special thanks to our partnering vets: Sedalia Spay and Neuter Clinic, Warrensburg Animal Hospital and Oak Hill Veterinary Services.

Tammy Roberts recently developed a new partnership with 121 Farmhouse Market to create a special bakery item to feature in monthly fundraisers throughout 2022. WCA looks forward to our continued partnerships and growing some new ones.

WCA is a 501c3 volunteer-only based organization. We fundraise and receive donations throughout the year to assist with the spaying and neutering of hundreds of community cats. Those interested in donating to WCA may do so via the Warrensburg Cat Advocate Facebook page or by mailing a check to:

Warrensburg Cat Advocates
P.O. Box 119
Warrensburg, Missouri 64093

Themed auctions featuring packages with baked goods, home ware and painted, collectible rocks will be announced from the WCA Facebook page each month. All proceeds go to the spaying, neutering and vaccinations of our humanely trapped and released community cats.



For more information contact:
Megan Geiger
President and Founder, WCA

Sarah Chamberlin
Secretary, WCA

WARRENSBURG, MO (Nov.11, 2019) – Warrensburg Cat Advocates (WCA) will hold a drive for winter shelter supplies in the parking lot of Retrograde Arcade and Toy Museum on November 16, 2019, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Supplies being collected include:
● Duct tape
● Foam board or reflectix insulation
● Hot knives
● New and used coolers
● Plastic storage totes with lids
● Straw
● Styrofoam coolers

WCA will be demonstrating how to build a shelter at the event. The shelters will be built and used for community cats across Warrensburg at no cost. Shelters will be distributed in late November.

Anyone in need of a winter shelter is encouraged to visit WCA on November 16 at the event. Those who may like to donate and cannot drop-off on the day of the event may reach out to WCA and make arrangements for a pickup.


Warrensburg Cat Advocates | P.O. 119, Warrensburg, Mo. 64093

Clinic Resources for Cats

WCA has created a comprehensive list of clinic resources available to this Western Central Region of Missouri. We have broken each out with a summary and review of their services.

WCA has created a comprehensive list of clinic resources available to this Western Central Region of Missouri.

Clinic Info and Specifics

All clinics require rabies vaccination for TNR cats. All provide post-op care instructions and contact numbers for concerns and emergencies.

Sedalia Spay & Neuter Clinic

214 West Main St.
Sedalia, MO 65301
Open Tuesday-Thursday-Friday

Cost: $30 for spay or neuter.

  • Additional $10 for rabies and $10 for FVRCP
  • Mama cats are regular price, but her kittens are half price ($15) for surgery
  • Clinic requires caretakers to schedule spay/neuter appointments
  • They understand that trapping cats can be difficult, so it’s easy to call to reschedule appointments.
  • Best time to reach them to schedule is at 9:30 am and 3:15-3:45pm
  • Drop off and pick up is same day. Drop off is at 9:00am and pick-up is at 4:00pm
  • They require a consent form. General info about the cat, services needed, and caretaker info. This is easiest to have printed and filled out ahead of time due to the number of people in line at once for drop off.
  • It’s possible to schedule multiple cats at a time if scheduled far enough ahead of time (EX: for TNR mass trapping events)

+ Great service
+ Same day
+ Closest clinic to Warrensburg
+ Low cost
+ Hygiene assistance–shave, clean wounds

The Spay Neuter Project

206 Austin Ave 1st Floor
Columbia, MO 65203
Open Tuesday-Friday

Cost: $25 for spay or neuter for community cat program.

  • Fee includes rabies, but FVRCP is additional charge.
  • Easy to schedule appointments for feral cats.
  • They understand trapping cats can be difficult, so it is easy to reschedule, if needed
  • Drop off and pick up is same day.
  • Drop off for community cats is from 8-11 am. Pick up is 4 pm.
  • They require a consent form. General info about the cat, services needed, and caretaker info.
  • It’s possible to schedule multiple cats at a time if scheduled far enough ahead of time (EX: for TNR mass trapping events)

+ Same day
+ Low cost
+ Great service
+ Easy to schedule
+ Hygiene assistance–shave, clean wounds

Shelter Medicine via Central Missouri Humane Society

Drop off at:
616 Big Bear Blvd
Columbia, MO 65202
573-443-7387 ext 211 for community cat program
Open Monday-Tuesday-Thursday

Cost: Free spay and neuter through the community cat program

  • Rabies included
  • Cats are transported from CMHS to Shelter Med, where MU Vet students perform surgeries under close supervision of licensed veterinarians.
  • CMHS is partnered with Shelter Medicine
  • Can typically schedule appointments for the following week or 2 weeks out
  • Caretakers are limited to 3 cats per appointment
  • Anyone can schedule appointments
  • Easy to reschedule appointments, but not recommended as it is difficult to schedule.
  • 2 day event. Drop off and pick up are different days. Drop off is between 8-8:30am, and pick-up is the following day. They call when cats are ready.
  • They require a consent form. General info about the cat, and services needed, including caretaker info with driver’s license number. It is easy and quick to fill out the morning of due to wide range for drop off, less busy.

+ Free spay/neuter and rabies vaccination
+ Post-op recovery monitoring onsite

Spay & Neuter Kansas City

1116 E 59 th Street
Kansas City, MO 64110
Open: Tuesday-Saturday

Cost: $35 for spay and neuter – includes rabies, examination and eartip

  • No schedule needed for 1 or 2 community cats.
  • 2 day event.
  • Drop off is morning, and pick-up is the following day