For more information contact:
Megan Geiger
President and Founder, WCA

Sarah Chamberlin
Secretary, WCA

WARRENSBURG, MO (Nov.11, 2019) – Warrensburg Cat Advocates (WCA) will hold a drive for winter shelter supplies in the parking lot of Retrograde Arcade and Toy Museum on November 16, 2019, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Supplies being collected include:
● Duct tape
● Foam board or reflectix insulation
● Hot knives
● New and used coolers
● Plastic storage totes with lids
● Straw
● Styrofoam coolers

WCA will be demonstrating how to build a shelter at the event. The shelters will be built and used for community cats across Warrensburg at no cost. Shelters will be distributed in late November.

Anyone in need of a winter shelter is encouraged to visit WCA on November 16 at the event. Those who may like to donate and cannot drop-off on the day of the event may reach out to WCA and make arrangements for a pickup.


Warrensburg Cat Advocates | P.O. 119, Warrensburg, Mo. 64093


Warrensburg Cat Advocates (WCA) was established in late 2018 by a group of committed Warrensburg, Missouri community members who choose to look at our homeless cat community and come up with humane solutions for our town.

We believe that Trap Neuter Return offers Warrensburg and its homeless cats a better solution that in the long term will have a profound effect.

TNR is proven to: 

  • better the lives homeless cats
  • better their relationships with the people who live near them
  • decrease the size of colonies and population over time

WCA aims to work with the community-at-large through providing education and leading-by-example on how TNR offers the best outcomes for our community.